Twelve Days of Christmas series – Part 1

Partridge &  Doves charts & charms

Since I was a child I love the song 12 Days of Christmas and this year I decided to design a series of patterns that represent the 12 days of Christmas.

Each issue will consist of 2 charts and matching charms, and in all there will be 6 publications.

I also designed a free border to be able to embroider all the designs together. You can download it from here.

The pillows were embroidered on 36 ct fabric, while to embroider all the designs together with the border, I used a 32 ct fabric

Fabric:- pillows  linen 36 ct Mocha  by Weeks  Dye Works Fabric cut : 9X13 inches

Fabric for the Design with border: linen 32 ct Mocha  by Weeks Dye Works Fabric cut : 34X26 inches

Threads: Weeks Dye Works

1333 Lancaster Red, 1268 Molasses, 3910 Mascara, 1124 Sabdcastle, 1240 Dirt Road, 1265 Grimson Green, 1171 Dove, 1259 Pamlico, 1105, Arrowhead, 2226 Carrot

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